Course Content

1. Learn how to identified the REAL TREND.
2. Multi TIME FRAME analysis with Moving Average, RSI & ADX.
3. Learn how to Select Stocks for trading & investing. (with the help of Technical & Fundamental Screeners)
Learn how to MINIMIZE YOUR LOSSES in panic market situation with the help of portfolio hedging techniques.
4. When to enter in TRADE, Where to place your STOP LOSS & TARGET.
5. Help you manage your emotions while you trade the Markets.
6. Trading Psychology & Trading Discipline.
7. Most important topic Risk Management & Position Sizing.

8. Learn unique techniques of Wealth Creation & Identify MultiBagger Stocks.

Topics Discussed & Covered with REAL Examples:

👉      Type of Stock Market Analysis:
 Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis

👉     Types of charts:
         Line Chart & Candlestick Chart

👉    The Concept of TREND (TREND is your friend):
        UP Trend, DOWN Trend & SIDEWAYS Trend.

👉    Support & Resistance.
        Horizontal line & Trend-line Analysis.

👉    LEARN how to recognize Major DEMAND & SUPPLY zone.

👉     Technical Indicators: Practically Use of
  RSI (Relative Strength Index) Multiple Strategies
          Moving Average
          ADX (+DMI & -DMI)

  Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
          Positive Directional Movement Indicator (+DMI)
          Negative Directional Movement Indicator (-DMI)

    o    Using ADX to Trade Breakouts, Pullbacks, and Reversal Patterns
o    ADX is an indicator that measures trend strength shows trend direction.
o    ADX tells us whether the bulls or the bears are in control.
o    Allows us to see the strength of bulls and bears at the same time.
o    Tells when the trend is strong enough to trade.
o    Tells us when the trend is weak (stand aside).
o    Works on all time frames and products.

👉     Chart Patterns: Types of patterns

 Reversal Pattern: Head & shoulder and Inverse Head & shoulder, Falling 
 Wedge & Rising Wedge, Double Top & Double Bottom.

 Continuation Pattern: Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending Triangle &
 Descending Triangle, Flag & Pennant, Cup & handle Pattern, Rectangle 
 Pattern & Channel.

👉     Important Candlesticks Patterns.
👉     Breakdown/Breakout.
👉     Learn how to Hedge your PORTFOLIO in Bearish Market.

"Technical analysis" is a skill, that improves with experience and study.
Always be a student and keep learning."

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