Investing + Trading Mentorship Program


Investing + Trading Mentorship Program by Equity4Life 


A unique mentorship program specifically design for anyone who wants to learn simple & effective way of investing in Stock Market using TECHNOFUNDA tools & analysis.

This program typically helps in generating SHORT TERM to LONG TERM INVESTING ideas. It will also help you in position sizing & managing your risk.

How mentorship functions and why it is necessary ?

Mentorship is a relationship in which a experienced & knowledgeable person imparts & guides a newbie. Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support to the mentee.

WARNING... This program is not suitable for you


IF you think stock market investing is very easy (a piece of cake) & you can become rich overnight.

IF you are looking for guaranteed success without doing hard work & practice.

IF you seek for free tips & advice on existing portfolio. 

IF you expect fundamental analysis to be covered in detail.

IF you are looking for a strategy or perfect holy grail to find multi-bagger stocks. 

Expectations v/s Reality (FAQ's):

(1) Can a person from non-financial background attend the program and invest in stock market on his own?

            - YES, our mentorship program is designed in such a way that even a person with zero financial knowledge can achieve success. Our program is ideal for anyone who wants to independently invest in stock market.

(2) I want to become a full-time trader. Will this program help me becoming full-time trader ?

           - YES, this program is specifically designed for peaceful investing + trading, by trading mean positional to short term momentum delivery based trading setup. We don't do Intraday & therefore we don't teach it.

(3) What topics will be covered in this program?

         - We will be covering selected technical analysis tools & methods along with fundamental & technical screeners for stock selection. For more details kindly refer to topic covered section.

(4) What study materials will be provided with the program?

             - Most of the course is practically oriented, so it won’t require much reading material. Some topics PDF’s, selected recorded videos, position sizing calculator along with all the screeners link will be provided after joining the program.

(5) What kind of support will be provided after completion of the program?

          - We will be holding your hands throughout till you become an expert in generating your own investment ideas through a series of weekly mentoring webinars for ONE WHOLE YEAR. After which support will continue to be given at a nominal cost

(6) Will Intraday, Future & options be covered in our program ?

            - We will NOT be covering Future & Options & Intraday trading in any of the programs. In Trading + Investing mentorship program we will be covering positional cash momentum trades setups.

(7) What will be the form, format and duration of the classes?

-Learning sessions will either be a LIVE webinar or a Pre-Recorded one on SUNDAY.

-Query/Support sessions will be a LIVE webinar on weekday (On Wednesday & After 3 months on Friday).

-Each session will be of 120-180 minutes approx.

 (8) Will I receive the recordings for the sessions?

         - Recordings will be provided for selected modules only. For remaining important modules attending the LIVE classes is mandatory, for which recordings will not be provided. Also, recordings will not be provided for any of the support sessions.

(9) In case I miss any of the sessions due to personal reason How can I cover it?

         - If a session is missed due to any reason, the topic will be revised in upcoming support session and if further required it will be covered in future support sessions (happening after completion of entire course).

(10) What is the difference between Investing Program & Trading+ Investing Program?

          - Investing program is specifically designed for peaceful investing and do not include trading methodology whereas Trading+Investing program is designed for both investing & trading, by trading we mean positional to short term delivery-based trading. We don't do Intraday & therefore we don't teach it. 

We COVERED following TOPICS: 

# Basics of Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis.

# Types of Charts.

# Candlestick Chart & Patterns. 

# Chart Patterns.

# Learn how to identified the REAL TREND with the help of ZIG-ZAG technique.

# Identifying key SUPPORT & RESISTANCE using Trend-line & Moving Average.

# Trading Psychology & Discipline Tips.

# Risk Management & Position Sizing Rules.

# MULTI TIME FRAME TREND analysis using ZIG-ZAG, Moving Average, ADX~DMI & RSI.

# Stocks Selection with the help of TECHNICAL & FUNDAMENTAL Screeners.

# Identify TOP & BOTTOM using RSI.

# Identifying Trade ENTRY, EXIT, STOP LOSS (Immediate & Trailing)

# Learn Pyramiding Techniques.

# Testing of PROVEN SETUPS on real time charts. (Case Studies)

# Portfolio Hedging & Regular Income Plan on PORTFOLIO. 

For in-depth course content kindly click on this link:

Program Details & Fees Structure: 

This program will start from 17 April, 2022 (Sunday)


Duration:                         9 Months
                                       3 Months - Learning Sessions on Sundays (10 AM to 01:00 AM) & Support/Query
                                                        session on Wednesday (Between 6 PM to 9 PM) with respect to topic
                                                        covered in last learning session.
                                       After completion of the learning sessions we will take 6 LIVE Market Trading 
                                                        Session (On Monday & Friday 2 PM to 3:30 PM)
                                       6 Months- Support/Query session (Only on Friday between 6 PM to 9 PM)                   

Language:                      HINDI

Fees:                              Rs. 19900/- (Inclusive GST)

NOTE: Entire program will be a mix of LIVE & Pre-Recorded Sessions.
           The Mentorship Program commences from 17/04/2022 and last date of registration 
           is 10/04/2022.

Payment Details: 

Account Name:               EQUITY4LIFE LLP
Account Number:            50200057067580
IFS Code:                       HDFC0000054
Bank Name:                   HDFC Bank
Account Type:                 Current Account
Branch:                          Ashok Marg, C Scheme. 

Google PAY:               8938008007

After paying the fees please WhatsApp us payment acknowledgement/snapshot in the following format:

Name of the person: 
Mobile Number:
Email ID:
Name of the program to be enrolled:
Preferred Language:
Payment Acknowledgment Number:

Send on this WhatsApp Number +91 9821470567

Please note: You will get payment confirmation within 48 Hour.

(For any kind of doubts/query about course call us on 9821470567, 7023788990 or 0141-4021014)



1) Ashok Lodha (@ash_lodha)
2) Rishikesh Singh (@Rishikesh_ADX)


For further enquiry contact us: 

WhatsApp & Call :  +91 7023788990 
                             +91 9821470567

Channel ID & Name: (Equity4Life)


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  16. Rishi Ji I am interested in investing mentorship program. But I am in Railways.If I miss any class how can I get it again or next day.

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